Beier Machinery specialize in providing you with plastic recycling machine for PE,PP,PET,film,plastic granulator,plastic pelletizer.
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Beier Machinery Plastic Flake Pelletizer Machine

Beier Machinery provides Plastic Flake Pelletizer Machine is suitable for PE,ASP,PS,PP and other recycling material pelletizion production.
Plastic Flake Pelletizer Machine Process:
Firstly,the raw materials enter the screw barrel through the feed cylinder, transformed into the melt after multi-stage heating. Secondly, extruded out of the mould and enter the feed cyclinder of the another extruder, after being heated in several heating areas. Thirdly, the melt is exturded out through mould and become many strips, cooled by the water sink, through the drying blower to take away part of the water. Finally, cutted into granules by the plastic flake pelletizer machine, that is the final product.


Plastic flake pelletizer machine adopts the two-step master and seconday structure to meet the double-layer filter purpose.It can effectively remove the impurities in the feed back and fully exhaust the gas.It can produce ample,consolidated and fine luster granules.
Plastic flake pelletizer machine features:
1.Special designed force feeder with high output for crushed film.
2.CE and SGS Certificate.
3.Highly automatic and low power consumption.
4.Customized accordting to customer’s requirement.
5.Adopt double stage extrusion line with more stable output.
6.Support installation and operation training at Buyer’s plant.

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