Beier Machinery specialize in providing you with plastic recycling machine for PE,PP,PET,film,plastic granulator,plastic pelletizer.
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  • PP/PE Hard Material Washing Line
    BEIER PP/PE Hard Material Washing Line

    Regarding PE bottle recycling, one of the main application is surely blow molding application, as this became for the investors one of the most important final applications in terms of investment returns and of positive results. The most ……

  • Introduction to PP/PE Soft Material Washing Line

    The main contaminations to be treated in post-consumer film are represented by the high quantity of organics as well as different polymers (such as multi-layers and PP). For example, multi-layer films are composed of a variety of material……

  • Recycling Line
    Introduction to Plastic Recycling and Plastic Recycling Line

    Plastic recycling came to fruition during the environmental revolution of the late 1960s. The idea to recycle products is as old as mankind when the first mother gave the younger child the worn clothes of his sibling. During World War II,……

  • Agriculture Film Washing Line
    Agriculture Film Washing Line

    A very important and interesting source of wastes in film recycling is represented by agricultural film. Growing interest in agricultural film recycling is made evident by the attention drawn from many agriculture nations and regions. Ver……

  • PET Bottle Recycling Line
    Beier Machinery Helps You to Recycle PET Bottles

    Coca-Cola is to increase the amount of recycled plastic in its bottles to 50 per cent, the company has announced-a doubling of the current amount of 25 per cent.The new target will be reached by 2020 and comes as drinks manufacturers face……

  • Agricultural Films Washing Line
    BEIER Machinery Agricultural Films Washing Line

    BEIER Agricultural films are protective films that are placed over soil, wrapped around fodder or covered over greenhouses. Agricultural films offer several advantages such as reducing soil compaction and erosion, increasing soil temperat……

  • plastic pelletizer
    Welcome Friends From Plastic Association And Business Visit Jiangsu BEIER Machinery Group

    July 8th, 2017, as a part of ' blow molding 2017 conference' program , all participants visited Jiangsu BEIER Machinery Group for its sub-brand BESTAR blow molding technology Co, Ltd. We received our visitors by the highest standard. The……

  • BEIER Machinery
    Jiangsu BEIER Machinery Is Awarded In Suzhou Manufacturing Confrence

    In July 3, 2017, Suzhou manufacturing conference is successfully held in Suzhou convention center. Suzhou top 100 industries attend this conference. Li Yaping, Deputy Secretary and executive Mayor of Suzhou hosts the conference. JIANGSU B……

  • The Belt And Road Initiative—Bright Future For Environmental Industry

    Many countries went the development road of " treatment after pollution", which resulted in many serious global environmental issues. In recent years, the measures taken by international community have been widely recognized. With the ini……

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