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PET Sheet Extrusion Line

APET,PETG,CPET Single-layer or Multi-layer Sheet Extrusion Machine
Beier PET sheet extrusion line is one of the most advanced technology machinery in China with the matured technology and the stable production ability. This machine is about 30% better when comparing with the same equipment made in the domestic market. And this machine can also be used in the PS,PP,ABS sheet production, besides this company has developed the CEPT sheet production line, APET thick board production line, and the technology of these machines is much better than the technology used in the domestic market.

PET Sheet Extrusion Line

Dryer-free PET Double Venting Sheet Line
(free of crystallization drying system),it’s the high quality PET sheet production line, designed with the simple operation system, low power cost which greatly reduces the cost of production.

PET Sheet Extrusion Line MainTechnical Parameters

Model APET Single Layer APET/PETG Multi Layer
Extruder Specification Φ120/33 Φ120/33,Φ65/33
Products Width 500-1500mm 500-1200mm
Products Thickness 0.20-1.5mm 0.20-1.5mm
Capacity(Max) 450kg/h 500kg/h
Main Motor Power 132kw 132kw/45kw
Design Production Speed 20m/min 25m/min

PET Sheet Extrusion Line

PET Sheet Extrusion Line Application: It has the features of good processing capacity, transparency, innocuity, no smell and no pollution, easy in recycling.
Vacuum Forming: Food packing, toy box, stationery cases, tools and hardware packing.
Obstruct Application: Electron components packing.
Normal Application: Fold forming, under collar, decorate material, file folder, paper file, documents cover, credit cards.
Special Application: Medical equipment, medicine packing, industrial antisepsis, plate for microwave oven(CPET).



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