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Plastic Pelletizing Line Solution

Agglomeration Film Pelletizing Line

Agglomeration pelletizing line is suitable for PE,PP film,woven bag,non-woven fabrics recycling. Automatic PLC controlling for the flow of feeding film into compactor; Agglomeration granulator machine with individual temperature controlling on compactor,cooled by fan; Beier Machinery provides pelletizer machine with the characteristic of compact structure,convenient operation,stable performance.

Air-cooling Die-face Pelletizing Lines

Air-cooling Die-face Pelletizing Lines Applications:
Enforcing modification: PVC, PE, EVA etc. + CaCO3, Talc, TiO2, Carbon black.
Degrading master batch: PE, PS etc. + amylum, additives.
Fire-proof master batch: PE, EVA etc. + fire-proof additives.

Water-ring Pelletizing Lines

This pelletizing machine adopts water ring hot cutting system, the pellet made from this machine is high quality and beautiful appearance, good for selling in market. Characteristics of Water-ring die-face granulating line:Pelletizer machine main motor adopts whole copper wire inverter motor, frequency inverter for speed control, long life, energy saving.

Under-water Pelletizing Lines

Under-water pelletizing lines applications: Underwater pelletizing system for plastic has excellent mixing performence,good self-cleaning performance and flexible modular configuration characteristics which make them suitable for processing different types of materials.

Strand Pelletizer Machine

Fiber Reinforcement: glass fiber, carbon fiber reinforced PP, PA, PBT, ABS, AS, PC, POM, PPS,PET, etc. Polymer Blending: blending of PC/ABS, PA/ABS, PP/EPDM, PA/EPDM, PP/SBS,etc. lncorporation of Fillers: CaCO3, Talc, TiO2, carbon black filled PE, PP, or EVA etc. Cable Compounds: cable sheath, cable insulation compounds of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, MDPE; radiation- crosslinkable compounds, optical fiber protection compounds, heat-shrinkable polymer compounds. Special Compounds: PPR pipe compounds, PE compounds for crosslinked pipes, tobacco filter compounds etc.

Plastic Flake Pelletizing Line


Plastic Flake Pelletizer Machine is mainly applied to pelletize Crushed materials, bottle flakes and agglomerated films, etc. This type plastic flake pelletizing line has special screw design, effective degassing and filter (Hydraulic screen changer) system, with stable output and long service life. Plastic flake pelletizer machine are highly-automatic, only need 2 workers for operating the whole pelletizing production line. Beier provide Plastic Film Pelletizer Machine,Plastic Film Pelletizer Machinery


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BEIER Group is located in national economy development zone, Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu province(120KM from Shanghai), the headquarters have 60000m2 office building and high standard workshops with 300 well trained professional employees. By the company’s philosophy “Quality is our foundation, Credibility is our faith, aspire for win-win “, team of BEIER have clear goal and dedicate to development of technology and quality. Now we are ranked as the top 5 plastic extrusion machinery corporation in China. the champion of exporting in Zhangjiagang for 9 years-in-a-row. our products serviced hundreds of plastic companies over 102 nations and regions worldwide, generated great value for our client to develop business in different field. BEIER Group is awarded as National high & new technology enterprises, national Torch Program enterprises, provincial famous trademark, provincial contract and trustworthy enterprise.

We had setup several platforms for innovation and research:

  • The provincial enterprise R&D center
  • Trashed plastic recycling engineer research center
  • Post-doctor laboratory
  • Workstation of the municipal program “Thousand talents recruitment”
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