Agricultural Film Washing Lines

Agricultural Film Washing Lines

A very important and interesting source of wastes in film recycling is represented by agricultural film. Growing interest in agricultural film recycling is made evident by the attention drawn from many agriculture nations and regions. Very specific regulations are being enforced, and legislative action is being taken, towards the creation of a closed loop cycle in the use of agricultural film, requiring the presence of a recycling step. Agricultural film available for collection may be divided mainly in 2 sections:
Greenhouse film: 80÷150 mμ thick, low contamination but significant degradation by atmospheric agents and by the agricultural cycle;
Mulching film: 8÷20 mμ thick, high quality, low degradation, but very thin with high degree of contamination;
Beier Machinery agricultural film washing lines can greatly reduce the contamination initially by our exclusive process. This is the most tough section for agricultural film recycling. Some components such like straw or other light weight component may damage the final result of recycling.

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Agricultural Film Washing Line

  • Agriculture Film Washing
  • Agriculture Film Recycling Line
  • Agriculture Film Washing Machine
  • Agriculture Film Recycling Machine
  • Film Washing Line
  • Film Recycling Line
Agricultural Film Washing Recycling Production Line


Agricultural Film Washing Line Technological Process

  • Film Conveying
  • Crushing/Shredder
  • Friction Washing
  • Floating Washing
  • High Speed Ccrew Loader
  • Floating Washing
  • Dosing Belt
  • Dryer
  • Jumbo Silo


Particle Quality Reference Table

Particle Size 45-60mm
Moisture max 9-10%
Bulk Density 0.1g/cm3

Estimated Plant Parameters

Capacity(kg/h) Power Installed(kw) Required Area(m2) Manpower Compressed Air(m3/min) Water Supply(m3/h)
300 500 350 4 0.6 3
500 620 460 6 0.6 4
1000 700 500 6 0.6 5

Agricultural Film Washing Lines Video


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