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2017 20th Russian International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition

Exhibition Name: 2017 20th Russian International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition
Start time: 2017-01-24
End time: 2017-01-27
Country: Russia
Exhibition Location: Moscow Expocentr Exhibition Center
Dusseldorf, Germany

Exhibition Overview
INTERPLASTICA by the plastic exhibition industry in the prestigious exhibition of Messe Düsseldorf, Germany, organized by 2016 has been successfully held 19 sessions. Thanks to the full support of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Federal Government of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Municipal Government, the Russian Chemical Industry Association and the mature operation mode of Düsseldorf Messe GmbH, INTERPLASTICA has become The influential exhibition of plastics industry in the CIS countries.
In the fields of architecture, automotive, consumer electronics and packaging, which are closely related to the plastics industry, the Russian market is growing rapidly and the demand for plastic raw materials and processing equipment continues to grow strongly. In recent years, Russia and its neighboring countries, continue to build new plastics processing plants, production capacity continues to expand. These are good news for plastic equipment and plastic raw material suppliers. In the Russian plastics machinery, the United States, China, Germany, respectively, the top three. According to VDMA revealed that in 2007, Germany’s equipment sold to Russia amounted to 210 million euros, an increase of 31%. Local processors in order to maintain market competitiveness, more and more inclined to choose high-end equipment. Russia needs to import plastic machinery on the basis of the low price of small plastic machinery. This gives China the export of such equipment provides a good opportunity. In terms of models, the main import injection molding machine, hollow molding machine, vacuum forming machine, plastic extruder and plastic recycling machine. From the import point of view, usually divided into three categories, including the purchase of whole plant equipment, update equipment upgrades, as well as the current production line to add equipment. China is already an important source of imports of plastic machinery in Russia, the domestic plastic machinery enterprises can use our geographical location and other advantages to expand China’s plastic into mouth, semi-mouth, processing machinery in Russia’s market share.
UPAK ITALIA, organized by the Messe Düsseldorf Messe in the EXPOCENTER exhibition in Moscow, is an exhibition dedicated to packaging, packaging machinery and logistics. It is an important platform for the Russian equipment manufacturers and traders, as well as for Russia and CIS region to showcase first-class machinery and equipment platform.
Exhibition area
★ plastic injection molding machine ★ automatic filling and sealing machine ★ plastic dryer ★ single and twin-screw extruded sheet machine ★ plastic recycling machine ★ plastic knitting machine ★ plastic pipe production line ★ plastic mold and die ★ plastic powder feeder ★ foam / Reaction or reinforced resin equipment ★ granulator ★ automatic blow molding machine ★ hollow plate extrusion machine Profile extrusion machine ★ injection molding machine ★ PET special extruded sheet machine ★ rubber raw materials ★ cast film (sheet) machine

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