PP PE Soft Material Washing Recycling Line

PP PE Soft Material Washing Line

In terms of the overall amount of plastic recycling, one of the largest sections in soft material recycling is composed by post-consumer film waste. PE film is used abundantly in the packaging industry. Meaning that it reaches most households as a container for many items of daily use. PE films may serve as wraps to preserve food, garbage bags, grocery bags and goods packaging. PP films are also widely used as food wraps as well as woven bags. PET strapping, etc., and some will have multilayer film.
Beier Machinery PP/PE soft material washing recycling line can assure a precise and efficient decontamination of the post-consumer film with both cold and hot washing systems. Adopting the most efficient recycling technologies. The final target of post-consumer film recycling is to obtain the highest valorization of a very poor starting product. Deriving mostly from waste collection.
Beier Machinery soft material washing line can properly treat any contaminated post consumer film and bring the final output washed flakes back to be reused (alone or blended with other materials) even in new film blowing applications.

Soft Material Washing Recycling Line

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Soft Material Washing Recycling Line

  • Soft Material Washing Recycling Line
  • Soft Material Washing Recycling Line
  • Soft Material Washing Recycling Line
PP PE Washing Recycling Line Technical Parameter

Soft Material Washing Technological Process

Film Conveying → Shredding → High Speed Friction Washing → Floating Washing → Floating Washing → Squeezing → Drying → Film Silo → Agglomeration → Singer Or Double Stage Extruder → Pelletizer → Dewatering → Vibrator → Silo → Granule Packaging

Estimated Plant Parameters

Power Installed(kw) Required Area
Manpower Compressed Air
Water Supply
500 300 400 4 0.6 8-10
1000 500 450 6 0.6 10-15
2000 840 1300 6 0.6 15-20

Particle Quality Reference Table

Particle Size 45-80mm
Moisture max 5%

Standalone Machinery

PP PE Soft Material Washing Recycling Line Video


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