Water-ring Pelletizing Lines

Water-ring Pelletizing Lines

Water-ring pelletizing line applications:
Enforcing modification: PE, EVA etc. + CaCO3, Talc, TiO2, Carbon black.
PPR, PE-X pipe compound.
TPR, TPU thermoplastic flexible compound, EVA.
Master batch: PE, ABS, PS, EVA.
Functional master batch: ABS, PE, PP, EVA.
This pelletizing machine adopts water ring hot cutting system, the pellet made from this machine is high quality and beautiful appearance, good for selling in market.
Characteristics of Water-ring die-face granulating line:
1.Pelletizer machine main motor adopts whole copper wire inverter motor, frequency inverter for speed control, long life, energy saving.
2.Gear box adopts China national hard teeth gear box, with oil force cycle.
3.Heating system adopts ceramic heating loop as main heater, Thermostatic temperature on high speed extruding.
4.Water ring cutting knife adopts teflon non-stick material.
5.Hydraulic filter or motor filter change system for fasting filter changing on working(non-stop dual board type filter for option).
6.Water ring cutting system, Vibrating screen, Collector all adopts stainless steel made.
7.Granulator machine has single screw type and double screw type for option depends output.

Water-ring Pelletizing Line Details

  • Water-ring Die-face Pelletizer Machine
  • Water-ring Die-face Pelletizing Machine
  • Water-ring Die-face Granulating Line
Water-ring Pelletizing Lines


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