ABS Washing Recycling Line

ABS Washing Recycling Line

This ABS washing recycling line could specifically used for recycling,crushing and washing waste ABS material and other hard materials.
In this hard material section, Beier Machinery ABS washing recycling line can process recyclable products like PP / PE bottles, ABS packaging,pipes,post consumered containers,other blow molding applications. Beier machinery hard material washing line is consisting in sorting prewashing, wet grinding, hot washing, separation, centrifugation and drying. Then it can be conveied to Beier Machinery pelletizing system for further recycling process.
After many years of development, our systematical equipment production line and overall technical tread have become mature, with choice to make according to the different requirements of customers. According to requirement,design proposal is very flexible and customer-oriented. The appearance of the ABS washing line is exquisite,it has low energy consumption,high yield,practical and reliable.

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ABS Washing Recycling Line Details

  • ABS Washing Line
  • ABS Washing Machine
  • ABS Recycling Line
ABS Washing Recycling Line

ABS Washing Recycling LineABS Washing

  • Bottle Bale Conveying
  • Debale
  • Whole Bottle Pre-washing
  • Bottle Label Removing
  • Intelligent Optical Sorting System
  • Serial Hot Washing
  • Floating Washing
  • Dewatering
  • Crushing
  • Manual Sorting System
  • Dewatering
  • Drying
  • Bottle Label Separating/
    Dust Remover
  • Color Sorting
  • Bottle Flakes Packaging


Estimated Plant Parameters

Capacity(kg/h) Power Installed(kw) Required Area(m2) Manpower Compressed Air(m3/min) Water Supply(m3/h)
500 162 500 4 0.4 3
1000 250 800 4 0.4 4
2000 368 1000 4 0.4 4

Standalone Machinery

ABS Washing Recycling Line Video


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