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Auxilixary Feeder

Auxilixary feeder

Beier Machinery is specialized in providing you with auxilixary feeder and auxilixary feeder is suitable for a variety of pelletizing lines. Such as plastic pelletizing line, plastic granulating line, plastic recycling line and other washing lines.Side feeder with human design, the overall steel replaceable wear sleeve, easy to clean.
Applies to the melting point of different polymers, polymers with very different bonding degree, liquid polymers, thermosensitive polymers and additives for mixing processes.
Working principle of auxilixary feeder :
The first stage feeder with no resistance at outlet and variable speed engine can accurately weigh the materials; the second stage feeder with the outlet coupled to the cylinders can forcibly push the materials weighed by the first stage feeder into the double-screw extruder.
Features of auxilixary feeder:
1. Spherical structure prevents retention and bridging of material in the hopper.
2. Engagement type feeding screw.
3. Good sealing performance saves the trouble of leakage.
4. The first stage accurately weighs the feeding amount and the second stage forcibly feeds the material.
5. Hopper is made of stainless steel.
Related detailed configuration:
Applicable for a variety of materials, aggregates or powder blending quantitative addition.
The feeding capacity can regulated by changing the screw speed.
The co-rotating screws are largely self-cleaning.
Speed controlled by “INVT” frequency inverter.
Feeder with horizontal agitator: hopper made from stainless steel.
Scope of application:
Applicable to the quantitative addition of various materials, pellet material or powder compounding materials.