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Beier Machinery wins 2017 Ringier technical innovation award

The highly anticipated award ceremony of Ringer technical innovation in 2017 plastic industries was held successfully in the Shanghai. 32 innovations and technologies stand out though several weeks by serious review from a independent professional jury. The awarded products include plastic materials, plastic disposing, automation, recycling , moulds and so on. The awarded companies include some famous industries like HAITIAN, JINGCHENG, LANGSHENG, DOW, ENGEL. JIANGSU BEIER MACHINERY achieved the 2017 Ringer technical innovation award by means of its PET washing and recycling line which the maximum output is 6 tons per hour.

This is the fourth time that JIANGSU BEIER MACHINERY achieve the award. There are 3 technologies were also awarded with Ringer technical innovation before , such as large diameter PE pipe extrusion line and latest high efficiency single screw extruder. It confirms JIANGSU BEIER Machinery strategy of emphasized the technology R&D and Talent recruitment is right.

BEIER mainly has four business sectors: extrusion including PE/PP/PVC pipe extrusion, all kinds of plastic cleaning and recycling, automatic compounding and conveying system, blow-molding system. The technologies of the four sectors all have achieved leading position in domestic plastic machine industry. During 2016, BEIER has been in the recommended list of national environmental electro-mechanics. Also, we has achieved the award of the first set of large equipment and key component in Jiangsu and annual technical achievement award of plastic recycling. Under the national policy of environmental protection, energy saving and resources recovery, JIANGSU BEIER MACHINERY is the only one who can provide the PET recycling machine which the maximum output is 6 tons per hour and our product is highly praised by American clients. Meanwhile, our European R&D team has developed Agriculture film recycling line, which has been wildly using in North west provinces China.

Technology is a country’ sharp tool, with that a country can be strong, a company can win and people can have a good living. Only think highly to technology and people, a company can stand out from the more and more fierce competition in the future. As Mike Hay, CEO of Ringer industry sourcing say in:” This year, all the winning products and technologies are very deserving of the Award. Some technologies have successfully filled the gaps in the domestic market; some technologies have greatly optimized traditional processing technology ,making them more efficient and energy saving; and some technologies have delivered excellent results in high performance and environmental protection. In regard of the award categories, the Plastics Raw Materials & Additives category remains the most hotly contested. All the award-winning products in this category are best of the best, and this year’s participating products particularly focused on innovations in specific application areas;  The Injection Molding, Extrusion & Blow Molding categories , was also hotly contested,with entries striving for higher speed, higher efficiency, and more energy saving; With more and more concerns about environmental technology, Recycling Machinery & Components category also has attracted great attention of the judges.”

Plastic is a industry with great potential . We congratulate all companies make contributions to technical innovation in plastic industry. We thank Ringer for providing the authoritative platform for the industry, and also thank the R&D team of JIANGSU BEIER MACHINERY for their hardworking. in the future, we will go forward under the strategy of technical innovation and stand out from the world famous industries.


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