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Plastic recycling machine to achieve multi-faceted upgrade

With the idea of “Honesty, Innovation, Sharing and Excellence”, the company has upgraded the function, performance and energy-saving of the plastic recycling machine. It makes the granulator less noise, vibration, Stable; energy consumption to a minimum, the efficiency of the highest; for customers to create a good economic and practical equipment for customers to open the door of waste plastics recycling market, produce better products and create more profits.

According to incomplete statistics, China’s current waste plastic recycling rate does not reach 40%, large domestic waste plastics recycling enterprises no more than 15, many local market is almost blank, plastic recycling processing enterprises with uneven distribution characteristics.


With the rapid development of China’s industry in recent years, coupled with the original price of new plastic particles rose to the cost of production has brought problems. Relative to the new plastic granular materials, the waste recycled plastic particles with low prices, the market demand for large, easy to recover the characteristics of the source material. In such circumstances the waste plastics recycling industry there is a particularly large vacant market, which is the existence of business opportunities.

Founding of recycled plastic granule plant risk is small, there is no limit to the scale of investment, well-funded large investment can do, personal small business can be small investment, the industry’s entry threshold is low, you can start from a production line can also be purchased at the same time Into multiple sets of equipment-scale production. In general, waste plastic recycling machine industry is profitable.

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