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plastic recycling machine regeneration knowledge

plastic recycling machine regeneration knowledge

Plastic regeneration
The waste plastic is about to re-plasticized, to restore the original performance of plastic to be used, including the performance is lower than the original requirements of the use. Plastic regeneration can be divided into “simple regeneration” and “compound regeneration” two.
Simple regeneration (simple regeneration)
This refers to the use of resin production plants, plastic production plants, plastic machinery processing in the process of scraps, gates, waste products and residues, including some single, batch, clean and used only once the waste plastic , Disposable packaging with waste plastics, waste plastic film recycling, such as recycling plastic recycling, as the secondary material source recycling.
In the recycling of waste plastics processing, for the simple regeneration, most of the current plastic factory will first use the waste plastics plant, and some use of plastic granulation after recycling, and some of the direct use of broken processing, and some are not broken also Not granulation, by the factory to digest out.

Simply reproduce the material, that is, to restore the original performance of plastic raw materials.
Compound regeneration
The so-called waste plastic recycling, mainly from the community to collect a large number of varieties of complex, more impurities, serious pollution of those waste plastics recycling. The waste plastics, there are industrial and mining enterprises and agricultural scrap plastic parts, packaging, fertilizer bags, cement bags, pesticide bottles, fish nets, agricultural film and packaging barrels, there are urban and rural life in the food bags, plastic bottles , Toys, daily necessities and plastic culture and sporting goods, as well as a small amount of filler and plasticizer waste plastic. For these complex, chaotic, dirty waste plastic composite regeneration, the regeneration process is more complex.
Compound regeneration, and more by the township enterprises and small and medium-sized factories, but whether it is plastic granulation for sale, or directly into the product molding production, as a secondary material source, must be accurately selected selection, strict removal of impurities and oil, In order to be a certain proportion of recycled materials into the use of products.
Composite regeneration of the material, the quality is generally lower than the simple regeneration of materials.

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