Beier Machinery specialize in providing you with plastic recycling machine for PE,PP,PET,film,plastic granulator,plastic pelletizer.
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Plastic Recycling Machine

Plastic recycling machine is a waste plastics (daily life and industrial plastics) for the recovery and recycling of machinery. Plastic pyrolysis technology is only in the experimental stage, so the plastic recycling machine mainly refers to the waste plastic recycling granulation equipment, including pretreatment equipment and granulation equipment.

BEIER machinery-PE Bag Recycling Line

By means of introducing latest design from Europe and absorbing customer’s valuable advice, our technical design & manufacture level has been improved a lot! Nowadays, over 200 recycling lines have been already exported to 60 countries and regions in Latin-America, Europe, Mid-East and Africa. According to requirement, design proposal is very flexible and customer-oriented. Processing capacity is 300, 500kg/hr.



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