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PP Plastic Film Recycling Equipment


PP Plastic Film Recycling Equipment introduction:

This PP Plastic Film Recycling Equipment is widely used to treat PP/PE plastic waste mixed material into clean film flakes,which include waste PP woven bags, plastic bags, plastic garbage, waste plastic mulch film. After films cleaned, you can make them to be granules with next process which is called pelletizing line.This PP plastic film recycling equipment line is high automatic operating and save labor cost and low after maintenance. With advanced international industry concepts and technologies to meet waste plastic recycling at home or abroad.

Beier machinery PP plastic film recycling line is consisting in sorting prewashing, wet grinding, hot washing, separation, centrifugation and drying. Plastic film is valuable secondary resources in recycling market, recycled film can be used for granulating, injection molding, extrusion, film blowing and to produce wide range of products. Plastic recycling equipment is of new design, reasonable configuration, steady operation, low noise, low consumption and high output.


Beier Machinery PP plastic film recycling equipments can assure a precise and efficient decontamination of the post-consumer film with both cold and hot washing systems, adopting the most efficient recycling technologies. The final target of post-consumer film recycling is to obtain the highest valorization of a very poor starting product, deriving mostly from waste collection. Beier Machinery Plastic Recycling Machine can properly treat any contaminated post consumer film and bring the final output washed flakes back to be reused (alone or blended with other materials) even in new film blowing applications.


PP Plastic Film Recycling Equipment Advantages:

1. PP Plastic Film Recycling Machine price is competitive and we take responsibility to any quality uncertainty.
2. Our pursuit of first-rate quality, reasonable prices and comprehensive after sales services offers both potential and long-standing clientele confidence in our company.
3. PP Plastic Film Recycling Equipment with high automation level producton line to reduce cost on labor and increase production.
4. Innovative design of hot washer and washing tank.
5. PLC control, Choose motor brand according to customer’s requirements.
6. We use 304 stainless steel to produce machines which contacting water.
7. Professional design team to design every project according to cutomer’s need
8.High automation level, try best to reduce your cost on labor (especially for three shifts) and ensure high processing capacity: 500-3500kg/hr.
9.Friendly control system (PLC integrated & separated control on each machine) and Touch screen panel, easy for operation, monitor and emergency stop.
10.All parts contacting with plastic material and water are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel; Ensure no second pollution to flakes.
11.Ideal impurity removal effect.

PP Plastic Film Recycling Equipment Line Technical Data:

Input capacity 300(kg/h) 500(kg/h)
Workshop(M*M*M) 40m(L)×10m(W)×6m(H) 40m(L)×10m(W)×6m(H)
Ancillary staff 5Persons 6Persons
Installation power 171KW 245KW
Water Consumption: 3 ton/h 4 ton/h
Final product

Moisture: max 8-10%
Bulk density: 0.1G/CM3
Particle size: 30-60mm
Total impurity content: 150ppm

Moisture: max 8-10%
Bulk density: 0.1G/CM3
Particle size: 30-60mm
Total impurity content: 150ppm

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