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The Granulation Art of Beier Machinery

Plastic products are indispensable items in people’s daily lives,such as plastic bags, EPE foam products, beverage bottles, mobile phone casings, etc. Wide range of use, huge amount of use,in order to meet the needs of daily necessities and industrial products, the output of plastic products is also increasing,the discarded plastic products are difficult to degrade and are discarded in every corner of the life, polluting the environment, called “white pollution”.


At first, in order to solve this problem, the incineration method was used to solve the problem. The waste plastic was burned, but the plastic burned to produce a large amount of dioxins, causing the second pollution,since then, in order to avoid secondary pollution, landfills have been used to fill waste plastics, but ordinary waste plastics will decompose and disappear after several hundred years, and the effect is not good. Later, people adopted recycling and recycling methods, which not only achieved environmental protection effects, but also saved resources for China, where energy is scarce. Jiangsu Beier Machinery’s plastic granulator equipment can handle a variety of waste plastic materials,for you to turn waste into treasure, find lost profits.

pp pellet

PP Pellet

pet pellet

PET Pellet

pe pellet

PE Pellet

pe film pellet

PE Film Pellet


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