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Waste plastic recycling machine huge market

With the upgrading of plastic recycling machine machinery industry, waste materials recycling equipment companies to gradually reduce the use of labor costs, automation products in the recycling of waste materials industry applications continue to widen. The survey showed that in the waste material recycling equipment business whether there is the latest product to attract consumers this option, a total of 38 readers involved in 25 companies chose this option. Can be seen that the enterprises in the enrichment of their product range, but also continue to carry out independent innovation, in order to enhance their market competitiveness.
In a subsequent telephone sample interview, we learned that automation products in plastic pellet machines accounted for an average of about 8% to 12% of sales. At the same time also learned that the recycling of plastic waste plastic granulator, sawdust mechanism of charcoal husk machine, waste plastic recycling machine, environmental protection and energy saving equipment sales increased trend, by the consumers in hot pursuit.
In a survey of businesses and consumers conducted at the same time as the survey, we found that 70 percent of consumers opted for a new, versatile and cost-effective machine, compared to the relatively inexpensive single-function machines Accounting for less than 30%, and in 2008 compared to the survey, this one is very large changes. Industry analysis, the main reason for this situation consumers have a correct understanding of how to choose according to their needs cost-effective products, the industry also recommended that the purchase of small plastic granule machine machinery, try to choose multi-functional mechanical equipment , Because in the long run, multi-functional equipment, cost-effective, adaptable, more in line with the long-term interests of investors



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