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Waste Plastics Recycling Granulator Features Introduced

How much do you know about waste plastic recycling granulator? So old plastic recycling granulator that several good? Here to introduce to you, hope can help to everyone. Plastic extruder is also one of the types of plastic machinery. According to the extrusion machine extrusion head direction and the angle between the centerline of the screw, the head can be divided into right-angle head and bevel head and so on. The nose of the shell is generally fixed to the fuselage with bolts on the inside of the nose mold contains a mold base, and then use the nut to be fixed in the nose into the line port, the inside of the mold base is also equipped with The mold core, and the mold core and the mold core has holes in the center, its role for the core wire. According to the different types of pressure, making the extrusion process can be divided into two kinds of continuous extrusion and intermittent extrusion. The former equipment used for the screw extruder, the latter equipment for the plunger extruder. In this screw extruder can by virtue of the number of screws roughly classified as single-screw extruder and multi-screw extruder.
Plastic recycling machine working process: plastic material from the hopper into the extruder, driven by the rotation of the screw to move forward, the material in the forward movement process, to accept the heating cylinder, the screw shear And compression make the material melt, thus achieving the glassy, ​​high-elastic and viscous flow of the three-state changes.

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