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Xiongxian people can continue to rely on plastic to eat it?

Xiongxian plastic industry
Now the CPC Central Committee and State Council has announced the establishment of Hebei Xiong’an District, Xiongxian industrial structure, plastic products is a pillar, which is the first heavy plastic packaging industry. Xiongxian government website on the introduction here with the Guangdong Yanbu, Zhejiang Longgang and said the three major plastic flexible packaging base. But after the SAR, but also can not continue to rely on plastic to eat, Xiongxian people do not know.

North’s largest plastic base
According to the China Plastics Processing Industry Association to provide a data, Xiongxian is the most concentrated plastic packaging and printing industry in the region, is the largest plastic base in northern China, forming a plastic packaging, paper packaging, artificial leather packaging three packaging products, Silk four printing technology and the five major production areas of the industrial pattern, the county’s packaging and printing industry in 2016 with an annual output value of 5.2 billion yuan, nearly 4,000 enterprises, employing 20,000 people, the annual consumption of 600,000 tons of plastic raw materials.


The imminent problem is pollution
Xiongxian existing plastic business pollution problem is difficult to solve a short time. Plastic production will be the release of volatile organic compounds, this material will be in the air of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides chemical reaction, the PM2.5 adsorption in the surrounding. Since 2015, the North China Plain every heavy pollution warning, Xiongxian plastic enterprises will be ordered to suspend work.
Under the pressure of environmental protection, Xiongxian plastic people in the hearts of a faint consensus: “The central planning Xiong’an District, will not let the polluting enterprises continue to exist.

“Plastic man” multiple choice questions
For the traditional Xiongxian plastic enterprises, serious pollution problems are that they need to face and need to be addressed. “The production of plastic packaging need to heat the plastic, a heated taste directly out, and ink, solvent taste, do not do any protection on the suction is simply can not stand.” This is from a male county plastic man The Once these plastic packaging business is gone, or let him leave Xiongxian, the locals do not know what they can do.

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